what I’m up to

  We’re quickly rolling toward the end of March which means I’ve got camp fever! Camp NaNoWriMo is back! Thirty-one days to write something novel/novella-isque. I participated in an unofficial version of this in February and was able to get my first draft of Butterflies completed. This time, I’m switching it up and writing the […]

writing what you know

  Though it is the first book (hopefully) in a series about a group of people living in rural area along the Rocky Mountain Front in Montana, Butterflies is based in Chicago for about half the book. I love Chicago – I’ve lived here for thirteen years (as of today!) and am always finding something […]

love list – SwB

  I’m participating in a writing support group for February, and the lovely Rachel Simon posted a love list of her manuscript in progress for us to see. Apparently, this idea was started by the ever-popular Stephanie Perkins, and I totally love it. It’s a great break in the process to really think about what […]

hitting goals

    The skeleton of my first manuscript is done. Fourteen days, only seven of them actually writing, 14,803 words…and I’m done. That’s a huge goal for me. I’ve never written this way before – writing straight through without editing, taking out all the details that “show” the story and just getting the “facts” down. […]

when butterflies surprise you

I spent December getting this website up and running, researching plotting, editing, character questionnaires and tips from those in the trade. I also spent a lot of time writing out notes for the story ideas bouncing around in my head. I knew that, come January, I wanted to spend a specific amount of time writing […]