I recently read a blog post on Bad Girlz Write about the schedule involved in traditional publishing. One of the points of the piece was the amount of time you have to give up to accomplish your goals. This post just happened to come a few days after reading xoSarah (formerly Silly Grrl) question readers on the sacrifices one is willing to make when starting their own business.

In other words, what’s the price you’re willing to pay to live your dream?

A few weeks ago, I got edits back on book 3. I worked on this through Thanksgiving. I took a break to cook and then locked myself back in my office. Sorry, family.
Elizabeth Michels

FeatherI don’t know if writing will be my ultimate dream. I love it, I have a passion for it, but the realist in me recognizes how hard it is to make a living as a writer. That’s not to say I’m going to give up and tuck that little dream away, it just means I understand the difficulties ahead of me and am fully aware of how grueling the path I’m on is going to get. It may never be my full-time job… and I’m okay with that right now. I’ve spent over fifteen years building a career elsewhere. I have a heck of a good fall back plan if this writing thing doesn’t happen. It’s called Keeping My Day Job. Original…I know.

What determines your success is “What pain do you want to sustain?”
Mark Manson

Even without those articles, I realized there would be sacrifices to make along the way – missed dinners, cancelled social plans, not buying something pretty and shiny so I can afford to go to that writer’s conference I just have to go to. I understood the time commitment I was about to make, and I thought hard about how I could keep myself in a happy state of mind while working toward a goal I’m excited about.

It’s really a tough question when you think about it.

If you’re extremely passionate about something, you’ll be willing to give up a lot. Will you skip shopping for a year to save money for a down payment? Go all hermit and stay in Saturday nights to crank out a few more chapters? Figure out what this new idea is going to take out of your life (because it will take something – it will also give – but new businesses take giant bites out of lives) and truly think about whether you are willing to make that sacrifice.

Family Time - ClockRead any dedications in books lately? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read things about “understanding husbands” and “missing family time.” Are you ready to make those sacrifices? I have a difficult time with this issue. I get precious little time with my girls as it is, and I’m not about to cut into that for anything. But my little lasses are still young; they go to bed early in the evening. Meanwhile mommy has a Kuerig and a box of K-cups from Costco. I will sacrifice sleep before I sacrifice family time to reach my goal. Maybe that won’t work for you if you can’t function on six hours of sleep. Maybe there are other sacrifices you can make that will keep you moving forward in your plans without driving you over the edge of reason. I guess my point is we need to make sure writing is not going to make us miserable.

Tired…yes. Miserable…no.

What’s the one sacrifice you refuse to make?


  1. Thank you so much for sharing my post Kristin! If you’re willing to put up with some late nights and tired mornings to do what you love then you’re already miles ahead in the game. It’s a big part of the process that a lot of people aren’t able to commit to. Keep at at – you will be so proud you did!

  2. Hi Kristin! I love your blog post! I know in that blog post I wrote I was a little ranty about sacrifices and schedules to make writing dreams happen, but for me it’s worth the missed Thanksgiving dinners. I just wanted people to know what they’re getting into without the rose tinted glasses when you get a 3 book deal. It’s intense and a great deal of work, but then you get a book to hold in your hands, be proud of and see on bookshelves. My first book, Must Love Dukes, was released last week with the second releasing in 3 weeks. After writing and working toward being published for years, it’s worth missing a few dinners and staying in to write on a Friday night to be in this place right now. So, keep the day job you’ve worked toward, but keep reaching for your dreams. You can do it! 🙂

    • Hi Elizabeth! I loved your rant. I think it’s fascinating to read how authors do their job – from outlining to marketing, editing to time management. It’s those realistic viewpoints and experiences which remind all of us that this is a job. Every job has deadlines and expectations, and if we want to be successful, we need to be prepared for the sacrifice. Thank you for being honest and sharing your journey with us.

      PS – Your selfies with Must Love Dukes are adorable. Your excitement makes me smile.

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