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ButterfylTattooI’m participating in a writing support group for February, and the lovely Rachel Simon posted a love list of her manuscript in progress for us to see. Apparently, this idea was started by the ever-popular Stephanie Perkins, and I totally love it. It’s a great break in the process to really think about what made you want to write this story, what it was about these characters that gave you the push to spend all your time thinking about them.

So without further ado, here is my love list for SwB:

butterfly tattoos

hardware stores

girls with hazel eyes

faded blue jeans

old baseball caps


red-haired boys

snow falling

coffee machines

Like this idea? DO IT! I had a lot of fun thinking about all the things I love about SwB. Make sure you share your list – they’re fun to read.

Stephanie Perkins’ Love List

Rachel Simon’s Love List

Natalie Blitt’s Love List

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