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We’re quickly rolling toward the end of March which means I’ve got camp fever!


Camp NaNoWriMo is back! Thirty-one days to write something novel/novella-isque. I participated in an unofficial version of this in February and was able to get my first draft of Butterflies completed. This time, I’m switching it up and writing the first book* in the Shifter series currently roaring its engines in my brain. Damn alpha males!

Blue_ButterflyAs for Butterflies, I am in full edit mode. Act One is ready for my critique partners. Act Two is about a third of the way ready. Act Three…well, we’ll get there. One thing the NaNo style of writing encourages is the “write it all down, edit later” philosophy. Unfortunately, my heroine in Butterflies decided to make a major character change about halfway through my first draft, so the edits on Act One were HUGE.

So for now I’m editing and planning. In April, I’ll be drafting Shifters and polishing up Butterflies. Beyond that I have no clue. Do I query Butterflies? Do I tuck it away for later? Do I load it up and hit publish on Amazon? I have no clue. But I do know that, once Shifter #1 is completed, I’m heading back into the Butterflies world to write Book #2 in that series. There’s a heavy-machinery mechanic that’s trying awfully hard to tell me the story of him and the girl who stole his heart. While in the Silks.

Good luck to everyone at camp! I’ll bring the stuff for S’mores, you bring the bug spray!

* I’ve mentioned this series before. The ‘first’ book I wrote for it is drafted. The one I will write for Camp NaNo is actually a story before the time of the one written. Because that Hero was not thrilled when I skipped over how he wooed his mate. Silly men.


  1. I’m also doing the April Camp Session. I tend to get more done with Camp then I do in the November session. If you want to jump in our cabin, I’m on there as melmacek (original, right?) Good luck Kristin!

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