What’s in a name…Gates & Kaija

  In my original post about road names, I explained that road names are a nickname of sort, one earned through the motorcycle club. In CLAIMING HIS NEED, you learned the origin of Gates’ nickname and read as Kaija received her honorary road name of Princess. And while that’s all well and good, occasionally I […]

What’s in a name…road names

  Rebel…Gates…Jameson…Sandman…Cappers Road names. The easiest definition of road name is to say it’s a nickname. Usually they’re given after an event or incident and have meaning to not only the man now known as the moniker, but to the rest of his club. No man chooses his road name. They have to be earned […]

What’s in a name…Rebel & Charlotte

  As a writer, I get to make up all the details about the people in my head telling me their stories. Unfortunately, most of the time it takes them forever to tell me their names. The only character in Claiming His Fate that had a name from the get-go was Jameson. His story was […]